Hilarri Shaw

I learn every day in class and in my every day life, this is just the beginning. I have made many improvements in my life since restarting my journey to black belt. I know there is always room for improvement and I intend to pursue that improvement past my black belt. Another reason I want to be a black belt is so I can pass along my knowledge to others, but that's an entirely different essay.

There are two reasons I started to take martial arts. One, because I believe strongly in women’s self-defense, and the second reason is to stay in shape. I didn’t count on how much fun I would have, or how much I would grow as a person and as a team with my fellow instructors. Now, as an instructor myself, I have the chance to be a good influence and give back. I’m excited to pass on the sense of discipline and community that I have learned to the children that pass through United Karate Centers.