Does martial arts training really help children?

  1. Acceptance or a place to fit in and make lifelong friendships
  2. Opportunities to stand out in a positive way
  3. An atmosphere where kids and parents receive a sense of certainty with consistancy they can count on
  4. Provide knowledge with variety - teaching that makes learning fun
  5. With variety comes opportunity to see growth and improvement in themselves, which builds confidence and a stronger belief in themselves
  6. Help people feel important by teaching them to notice the leadership qualities they already possess, and to give back by sharing what they have learned.
Based on the information I have learned from researching, I now have proof that United Karate Centers and martial arts training does in fact make a child's life better. To the untrained eye, martial arts can look violent and like we are teaching kids how to fight. However, it is actually completly the opposite. "We learn karate so we don't have to fight," to quote Mr. Miyagi in the movie Karate Kid. "Courage is not in the fighting, but it is in the choice of not to fight." - Master Dave Kovar

Thank you for reading,
Sensei Rick Shaw