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    Li'l Rangers

    Give your Child a strong start on Life! Our Little Rangers Classes are fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational. Kids love Karate and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a positive, well disciplined and encouraging atmosphere.

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    Kids ages 6 - 10 have a great opportunity to receive the many benefits of martial arts. The UKC curriculum creates confidence, self awareness, and sense of belonging while strengthen the mind and the body.

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    Adult Program

    Improve your flexibility, endurance and physical strength! Learn to protect yourself and your family in almost any situation! Increase self-confidence and the ability to take care of yourself.

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1 kidsKarate and Kids

This is all about a question I have been asking myself. Question: Does martial arts training really help children improve their lives? Become better students, better people?

I decided to ask the parents of children that train in our United Karate Centers school in Loveland, Colorado because I wanted proof. The parents were not coached by me our anyone else, I just asked them to speak off the cuff. Here is a response that captures what was said by many parents. "Before coming to United Karate Centers, my kiddo did not have very much discipline, and now much more discipline and a strong determination and a willingness to learn. The ability to listen and follow directions has improved, then, of course, more self control."
So this brought up another question. Question: What is it about our school that helps achieve this in children?
I believe there are six basic needs that people have which our team provides.

  1. Acceptance or a place to fit in and make lifelong friendships
  2. Opportunities to stand out in a positive way
  3. An atmosphere where kids and parents receive a sense of certainty with consistancy they can count on
  4. Provide knowledge with variety - teaching that makes learning fun
  5. With variety comes opportunity to see growth and improvement in themselves, which builds confidence and a stronger belief in themselves
  6. Help people feel important by teaching them to notice the leadership qualities they already possess, and to give back by sharing what they have learned.
Based on the information I have learned from researching, I now have proof that United Karate Centers and martial arts training does in fact make a child's life better. To the untrained eye, martial arts can look violent and like we are teaching kids how to fight. However, it is actually completly the opposite. "We learn karate so we don't have to fight," to quote Mr. Miyagi in the movie Karate Kid. "Courage is not in the fighting, but it is in the choice of not to fight." - Master Dave Kovar

Thank you for reading,
Sensei Rick Shaw